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Wisdom Tooth Extraction

For many patients, wisdom teeth removal is a necessary procedure. Most of us have 28 teeth before our wisdom teeth erupt (push through the gums). The difficulty comes when four more adult teeth (your wisdom teeth) enter the mix: there often isn't enough space in your jaw.

When this happens these new teeth become impacted, (i.e. they don't fully erupt), or they become misaligned. There are also situations where painful infection occurs from teeth that erupt only partially. This infection is often alleviated by extraction (removal). Wisdom teeth may also grow in sideways, and extraction may be necessary to protect nearby teeth and their general alignment.

The Tough Part - Pain

Dr. Pasha and his team aim to make this procedure as comfortable as possible. Sadly, you will experience some pain after the operation.

If you think you need your wisdom teeth removed, request an appointment for an examination today.


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