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ViziLite - Oral Cancer Screening

Did you know oral cancer is the 13th most common type of cancer in Canada? It's hard to believe that cancer can form on your lips, tongue, or even some place as innocuous as your tonsils, but it is possible. And unfortunately, most of the time this disease can be preventable if it's caught in the early stages.

In the past, dental professionals would rely solely on questions about your lifestyle or drinking habits, along with their eyes and hands to form a diagnosis about your oral health. Using their fingers, dentists would detect lumps or any irregular swelling in the mouth or throat area. With the introduction of ViziLite, Dr. Pasha can use this technology to diagnose your oral health in more accurate and efficient manner.

What is ViziLite?

ViziLite is a disposable technology that can detect oral cancer through the use of visual information. This compact and cordless tool emits blue-spectrum lighting causing the soft tissues of the mouth to fluoresce in distinctive patterns. Healthy tissue will emit consistent patterns while any oral abnormalities will "disrupt" patterns and appear dark if there had been any trauma or disease. The visual distinction allows dentists to clearly see if there has been any abnormal cell growth in the mouth, benefiting your overall oral health.

Benefits of ViziLite

  • Can detect pre-cancer cells
  • Visual Aid
  • Time effective
While abnormal areas spotted by the ViziLite does not necessarily point to oral cancer, it might help in discovering other oral abnormalities so make it a part of your routine dental checkup today! Contact Dr. Pasha if you have any questions.


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