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Teeth Whitening

Unhappy with the colour of your teeth? We understand. A desire for brighter, whiter teeth is much more common than you think. Perhaps you live for your morning cup of coffee, or maybe you enjoy a nice glass of red wine or two at the end of the week? Maybe you have recently quit smoking and don't like the lasting reminder of the habit that the teeth stains have left behind? Your lifestyle, habits, and diet all contribute to the colour of your teeth. Dr. Pasha and his team at Wellington Aurora Dental help restore and brighten smiles to their former state.

What is the colour of my teeth?

In most cases, natural teeth have a combination of colours. Colours can range from the yellow and orange spectrum to brown and grey. The true colour of one's teeth is actually quite complex with different effects and levels of translucency in each tooth

Saturation also plays a big role in the colour of one's teeth. The degree of the saturation of each tooth depends on many factors including genetics, history of use of certain antibiotics in the early years and most commonly, dietary habits.

Teeth Staining

Staining of the teeth can be categorized as external or internal stains

External stains are ones that are attached to the surface of the tooth and can be removed by mechanical means such as brushing or polishing

Internal stains change the inherent colour of the tooth, making it appear darker, more yellow or grey.

What is the difference between teeth whitening and bleaching?

These two terms have been used interchangeably for some time among the population and as a result has caused a bit of confusion among patients about which methods or products should be used.

Whitening is generally referred to as the removal of external stains on the tooth with means of polishing or using abrasive agents to restore the original colour of the tooth. Teeth whitening uses an abrasive paste product to remove stains from agents such as tea, coffee or even smoking.

Bleaching uses either Hydrogen peroxide (or a different form of it) to change the inherent colour of the tooth from the inside. Bleaching helps change the internal colour of the dentin.

What is dentin?

Dentin is the inner layer of the tooth that can change colour over time depending on an individual's lifestyle, habits, and dietary preferences.

What is the process for bleaching teeth?

Unfortunately, not all teeth respond to bleaching in the same way and at the same rate. There are many factors that affect the ability of a tooth to change colour by means of bleaching.

Generally, teeth with more grey or brown stains tend to require more prolonged bleaching periods and multiple rounds of treatment while teeth with more yellowish colours tend to respond better. However, there are some situations where teeth don't respond to bleaching at all.

During the process of bleaching, the peroxide or the "bleaching agent" will enter the tooth structure and break down some of the staining molecules present in the tooth. Most bleaching agents are made of a molecule called carbamide peroxide. This material comes in the form of a gel that is placed on the tooth structure. Depending on the concentration of the peroxide in the gel, it is absorbed into the tooth at a specific rate.

In some cases, a single tooth may change colour due to deterioration of the nerve from trauma or other factors. Typically these teeth have had root canal treatments and tend to stand out in a smile as they darken at a much faster rate than the rest of the dentition. These teeth may be bleached with a process called non-vital bleaching. The name refers to the non-vital nature of the tooth due to the damage to the nerve tissues and the subsequent root canal therapy. The process involves applying a bleaching product within the chamber of the tooth. The product remains within the tooth for a designated period of time to bleach the tooth from inside. For patients who have root canals in the front teeth, this is a very important step for successful teeth whitening results.

How can I bleach my teeth? Whar are my options?

There are two different ways to bleach teeth: at home treatments or in office treatments.

At Home

The first step is for Dr. Pasha to create custom fabricated bleaching trays for the patient's use. A bleaching gel material is then provided for the patient to apply in the comfort of their own home. Dr. Pasha works with the patient to determine the concentration of the bleaching patient based on each individual's specific factors and needs. For optimal whitening results, the patient will wear their custom made, bleaching gel-filled trays on a daily basis for a period of 3-4 weeks.

In the Office

In this bleaching method, the patient books an appointment with Dr. Pasha at Wellington Aurora Dental to receive the bleaching treatment in the office. At the appointment, the patient's lips and gums are isolated and protected. Once lips and gums are protected, a higher concentration of bleaching product is directly applied to the teeth. The period of time that the bleaching material remains on the teeth is dependent on the material type as well as the concentration of bleaching agent. Typically the bleaching material remains on the patient's teeth for 20 minutes. This process is usually repeated 2 or 3 times over the course of the appointment.

How long does it last?

The amount of time the teeth whitening results last is dependent on the current nature of the patient's teeth as well as their lifestyle and dietary habits.

Is bleaching safe?

Bleaching does not cause any harm or damage to the teeth. During the bleaching treatment a small group of patients may experience temporary cold sensitivity on their teeth. Temporary teeth sensitivity to cold may occur if too high of a concentration is chosen for the patient or if the material is left in the mouth for a period of time longer than recommended.

If you experience any teeth sensitivity post a bleaching treatment, please contact us so we can adjust the concentration and provide you with proper guidance.

To learn more about teeth whitening, visit Dr. Pasha's Cosmetic Insights or Procedures Insights. Additionally, Dr. Pasha would be happy to discuss your personal teeth whitening goals at your next appointment. Book a consultation here.


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