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Porcelain Veneers

Sydney is one of our dental assistants in the office. She has been working with us for a few years. She was unhappy with the arrangement of her teeth and her bite. She thought that her canines looked too sharp and the two front teeth looked too big.

We sat down together and took lots of photos and came to the conclusion that the only way for her to get the most ideal results, she would have to have orthodontics first. So she did almost two years of braces to get the teeth positioned in the proper orientation to be able to place porcelain veneers.

We kept checking her bite and teeth during the orthodontist to make sure everything was proceeding as we wanted.

Once the orthodontic treatment was finished, we proceeded with 6, ultra thin porcelain veneers. This was done over two appointments. The teeth were prepared for the veneers and temporary veneers were made where Sydney got to try them out (almost like a test drive) to make sure eating and speaking and esthetics are exactly what we wanted.

Once she approved of the restorations, we proceeded with the final veneers. They were tried in and finally cemented.

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