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Today, the need for an artificial set of teeth is very important to our growing aging adult population. Dentures are a good solution for patients missing multiple teeth. Along with the obvious benefits - chewing your food - dentures help with proper speech and prevent your facial muscles from sagging. Properly fitted dentures are also much less invasive than dental implants.

Types of Dentures

While it is possible to get complete dentures (replace all missing natural teeth), you also have the option of getting partial dentures. Unlike dentures in the past which were a painful process requiring remaining teeth to be removed before creating a mold that would fit into your mouth, dentures nowadays can retain natural teeth.

However, having enough structural support is still an issue. Loose or ill-fitting dentures can affect speech, self- confidence and even your diet. Having a good set of healthy teeth allows you to chew healthy foods like raw veggies so you can get the nutrients necessarily for your body to thrive.

At Wellington Aurora Dental we offer partial dentures made of cast (metal and plastic) and acrylic (hard plastic). Cast uses a metal alloy making the overall framework of the denture highly durable and strong. Acrylic is a more cost-effective and beneficial for those who will lose more natural teeth in the future (e.g. a patient undergoing gum disease) since it is easy to add teeth to the appliance.

Advantages of Dentures

  • Improve ability to eat and speak
  • Durable design for long time wear
  • Offers a range of natural colors for your teeth
  • Short Healing Period
This major advance in dentistry can be completed in one short visit and really improve your dentures in terms of comfort, stability and look.

Further Tips

Also see your dentist if...
  • You need to adjust your dentures
  • Make sure to ask about proper denture care
One drawback to dentures is that they don't prevent the bone loss that occurs with missing teeth. In fact in some cases, they can accelerate this loss. Patients can also experience numbing of the lips and chin after necessary denture relining procedures.

And although designed for long term wear, your dentures will need to be realigned or remade overtime since your mouth changes as you age. This can cause dentures to feel loose and irritate gums so see dentist for a check up on a regular basis.

Are dentures right for you? Request an appointment with Dr. Pasha and find out.


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