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Top 6 – Back to School Snacks

August 24, 2014

Take it from a man who loves his food: good snacks are important.

They have to be tasty, convenient, and keep you going between larger meals. When done right, snacking is good for energy levels and will keep your metabolism firing, which is good for maintaining your weight.

When it comes to children, snacking is vital to ensuring enough energy to stay focused at school (and maybe get into a bit of trouble afterward). Naturally, we feed our kids breakfast and send them to school with lunch, but a good selection of snacks they can enjoy at recess or on a break will do them good.

As if feeding our kids isn’t enough, we still have to worry about WHAT to feed them. Dumping chips and processed snacks into your daughter’s lunch is nice as a treat, but shouldn’t be the norm. These foods are delicious, but they don’t provide the nutrients needed for sustained energy levels. Also, they’re often more expensive than the natural options that end up being better for you.

So, what are the right snack or foods? Here’s a list of my picks for healthy back to school snacks for kids:
  1. Cheese

    Cheese is a great source of calcium and protein, and it tastes amazing. I’d recommend providing cheese sticks from a proper brick of cheese rather than processed slices.

  2. Veggie sticks

    Healthy, crunchy and good for vitamins, you can really spice up a lunch with a tub of colourful veggies. If your child complains that their veggie sticks are bland or taste funny, try serving them with…

  3. Hummus

    Delicious, healthy and high in energy, hummus, made out of chick peas, is a much better option for dipping vegetables than ranch dressing or other pre-fab dips. Try your hand at making it yourself, just go easy on the garlic.

  4. Yogurt

    Yogurt is a great source of calcium and can be a helpful digestive. Try making frozen pops or yogurt cups mixed with your favourite fruits.

  5. Fruits

    Speaking of which, fruit in general is a good source of vitamins and nutrients. For back to school try in-season fruits like apples, pears, plums and peaches.

  6. Baked sweet potato chips

    Sweet potatoes are widely known as a super food. They’re crunchy, sweet and delicious, and incredibly balanced nutrition sources. These baked chips are high in energy and easy to make at home. Give ‘em a try.
Have any ideas or recipes of your own? I’d love to hear what snacks you’ll be sending your kids to school with this fall.


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