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Staining and Bleaching

May 24, 2014

Perhaps you’ve heard scare-stories about the impact of wine, coffee, and smoking on the colour of your teeth. I have news for you, friends: the rumours are true. Nearly everything that you put in our mouth - food, drink or otherwise - will stain your teeth in some way.

In many cases your teeth will stain without your knowledge. For example, did you know that over time white wine changes the colour of your teeth as much as red wine? There’s a ton of science behind stained teeth, but I’ll steer clear of it for your sake. The take home message is this: your tooth enamel is porous, and over time the substances you consume, will wear down the enamel and leave stains.

Along with the usual suspects, what other substances are teeth up against when it comes to staining? To help you out, I’ve put together a quick list:

  • Wine: red and white (!)
  • Tea and Coffee: Black tea is actually more potent than green or white tea, and even coffee (it’s always the ones you least expect)
  • Smoking (You’re still smoking? Wait, really?)
  • Acidic Drinks: The pH value in Cola is often very low, which means it has strong acidity (in some cases similar to battery acid). When you consume these drinks, especially if they contain food coloring, you risk discoloration to your teeth, not to mention harmful acid erosion.
  • Richly coloured sauces: soy sauce, tomato sauce, etc.
  • Spices with strong colours, like turmeric and curry
  • Deeply coloured fruits, like berries, and their juices
  • Coloured candy and popsicles

Get Out the Bleach

This is quite a list, and it’s just off the top of my head. So, how can we battle against these imperious staining agents? Depending on how steeped your diet is in any of these items, and how long you’ve been eating them, your teeth will have suffered different degrees of staining.

As a general rule, try to rinse with water after consuming any of the foods mentioned above. If you’re willing to go further, dental bleaching is an accessible, conservative way to keep your smile white and bright. Bleaching can do wonderful things for the appearance of teeth, often without irreversible changes to their structure.

If you’re interested in fighting stained teeth with a bleaching treatment, speak to your hygienist or get in touch with our office. They’ll work with you to get the best look possible.

For any other questions related to staining and bleaching, please leave a comment below.

That’s it for now…

Dr. Pasha




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